Holden Vintage & Classic

Holden Vintage & Classic

The Work

Website Design

Designed whilst under contract with Hughes Media

Holden Vintage & Classic

The Brief

Known nationally for holding probably the largest and widest-ranging inventory of classic car and motorcycle parts, Holden Vintage & Classic realised they were missing out on vital sales by continuing to use a website which was developed over ten years ago. A decision was made to wipe the slate clean and rebuild the site from the ground up.

Once the stock had been reorganised into more usable and meaningful categories, the redesign began in earnest. Customer focus groups had pinpointed the necessity for clear and concise navigation, simple to use customer accounts and an ever-present search facility.

In addition, product pages were stripped back and designed to be as clear and as flexible as possible – they had to carry everything from nuts and bolts, to biker jackets and spark plugs.

The result was a site which was a massive leap forward for the company, both in terms of improved sales and company perception in its target market.